Meadow Tree Services

For over ten years we’ve undertaken all aspects of tree surgery including: tree surgery, stump grinding, crown lifting, reducing and thinning, pollarding, section felling and dismantling, dead wooding, hedge and shrub care, chipping and waste removal.

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  • All aspects of tree surgery
  • Tree Felling and Removal- Straight forward felling a tree and removing all associated waste off site 
  • Pollarding- To pollard a tree means to remove the entire top of tree to the main fork of the trunk
  • Tree Reduction- To reduce the overall size of tree in its entirety 
  • Crown Thinning/Canopy Thinning-To remove limbs from the top of the tree to thin out the top.
  • Crown Reduction/Canopy Reduction-To remove limbs of top of tree/ to reduce the general height of tree
  • Crown Lifting/Canopy Lift-To remove lower limbs of tree to higher limbs from ground
  • Hedge Maintenance, Trimming, Lowering, Reduction and Removal-To trim hedge rows small or large
  • Deadwooding- To remove deadwood that may be in the tree to make it safe.
  • Section Dismantling-Where we dismantle tree limb by limb
  • Storm Damage Prevention and Inspection-To identify a dangerous tree and remove the hazardous tree or dangerous part
  • Emergency Tree Work-If a storm damaged tree has fallen in high winds and is dangerous to the public 
  • Conservation and Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)-We carry out assessment of species that may be covered by a Tree Preservation Order or in a Conservation Area, and fill out all appropriate paper work and submit to the local council.